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Welcome to your Croydon home from home!

Welcome to your home from home in Croydon!

Thousands of people from around the world have already chosen Croydon Serviced Apartments as their home from home during their stay in the UK since 2002, whether on business, on holiday or whilst relocating to London or the South-East. Based in Central Croydon, we are only 17 minutes away from Central London by train. Both East Croydon and West Croydon Rail Stations are just a few minutes’ walk away, while Central Croydon with its wide range of shops, restaurants and bars is in easy walking distance.

Why choose Croydon Serviced Apartments

Staying with Croydon Serviced Apartments means you can enjoy a high standard of accommodation with hotel quality services at a fraction of the cost. You have your own kitchen, bathroom and lounge so you feel right at home, all fully furnished with no hidden costs. There is a choice of studios, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom or 4-bedroom apartments, all with digital TV, Wi-Fi and workdesks included. We can accommodate teams of over 100 persons if required with a few weeks of contacting us. You can let our apartments for short-term stays from one week or longer. All rooms are serviced and linen/towels are changed every week for your comfort and convenience. All properties are in intrinsically safe areas with easy transport links and close to town centres or shopping areas.

You can let our apartments for any short-term stay from one week upwards – the rooms are serviced and linen/towels changed every week for your comfort and convenience.

Nothing is too much trouble to ensure you have a satisfactory trip

  • Airport pickup required? No problem!
  • Need to hire a mobile phone for use in the UK? We can arrange it.
  • Staying for four weeks or more? Ask about our discount rates for long-term occupancy.
  • We respect that you are the customer and our role is to service you well and provide a quality service at an affordable price.

Availability of accommodation changes all the time. Please contact us with your travel plans and we will let you know how we can help. Unlike many other apartment providers, we operate long hours and are always available 24hrs for emergencies.



Review by G Paterson on 04 Dec 2008, who stayed in November 2008 | 03 Jan 2009
Basic but clean - staff helpfull and friendly
Serviced Apartments - Hotels -Short / Long term accommodation - Company Flats in London - rent for the London Olympics 2012. Whatever your accommodation needs for London, you have come to the right place. Tell me about.... Serviced Apartment for Short / Long Term Serviced apartments are undoubtedly the most comfortable for businesses commuters staying in London for 2 weeks or more. With your own private bathrooms, TV and all the standard luxuries of a quality hotel room, you also get a homely environment with the use of a fully equipped kitchen and laundry facility. Generally half the price of an equivalent hotel with significant benefits. Find out more.... Company Flats Regular trips to London? A company Flat will save you a fortune and allow the flexibility of a fixed cost scenario regardless of occupancy. With the benefits of cleaning, maintenance and management the company apartment will be looked after by professionals in the trade. It is possible to get the benefits of Serviced Apartments at a similar price to normal long-term tenancy. Find out more.... Hotels in and around London Hotels are the most flexible and comfortable accommodation for short daily and weekly stays. Hotels are often located near to our serviced apartments to allow a good mix of accommodations in a local area. Find out more.... Olympics London 2012 and how I can secure accommodation in advance The Olympics are coming to London and planning now will avoid paying the extortionate rates that may be charged nearer the time. Contractors, workers, teams, athletes should consider planning the requirements to ensure suitable properties are booked well in advance. Find out more.... Visit our international booking website. About accommodation in London and surrounding area, If you are willing to spend 20 minutes to travel into Central London, you will find that the cost of accommodation will virtually half. Many of our hotels and serviced apartments fall into this category. The comfort, quality and cleanliness levels of our apartments, hotels, flats, rooms, guest houses, company flats, bed sits are suitable for the corporate businessmen as well as contractors working on ongoing projects. Our Apartments and hotels are booked by many international organisations and contactors including: - Hewlet Packard - Nestle - Transport for London - Home Office - Tradar - Infosys - Ibase - Mondial Assistance - Superdrug - Kavansis - Progeon - British Airways - 3 telecom - British Telecom - Simsbury's and thousands more national and international businesses. Some of our properties can be viewed on line at our main website although we have specific pages for individual properties such as , , . Many of our properties have a virtual tour often also known as 360 view of the properties. We provide bespoke solutions to your accommodation needs. Talking to us with regard to your requirements will ensure a nice and comfortable time in the United Kingdom. For example, Example 1 Requirements, A company pays the staff a fixed amount for there stay in the UK. As a company they do not want to get involved in the day to day cycle of individual employees and dealing with the planning and accommodation. Solution, As a preferred supplier, the company allows their employees to contact us directly. From there we understand the requirements and find a solution. Sometimes it is for Just the employees, other times it is for entire project teams and some times the employees who bring there families and need there own units. Often Female team members do not wish to share with male members of the team and other times Vegetarians do not want to share cooking facilities with those that cook meat. In addition senior managers have a different budget than the project workers. Other times salaried staff have different accommodation budgets to those on work permits. We have for years found solutions to meet all requirements. Example 2 Requirements, The company wants to book but cannot confirm the exact start date. Also the project could continually extend or be cut short. How can we still make a booking under these circumstances? Solution After discussions with Business Development managers, we arranged a small first week premium. The premium was used as an insurance policy against reduced booking duration. The risk was split equally between the client and ourselves. The client had a long-term rate without any cancellation fees. Exactly what they wanted. Example 3 Requirements, We have a young baby and need a pushchair! We need to rent a computer during our stay! We want our team to be contactable by mobile phone during their short-term stay! We use woks and pressure cookers and other special cooking utensils - can you help us! Solution YES,YES,YES, we rent puchchairs, computers, phone simcards and provide all kitchen utensils. We go the extra mile and meet all customer needs. Some comments from our customer's include: - Half the price of a Hotel with twice the benefits -- Shajehan -- Hewlett Packard Adaptable to meet all our Indian requirements -- Raj --Progeon Safe and secure for our female project team -- Mel -- Infosys Our executives found the cleanliness; quality and broadband access exceptional - Lorraine -- Superdrug We provide London Serviced Apartments and Hotel Accommodation - we have been accommodating business professionals since 2002 in the Croydon, London and the Maidenhead Area. Our main website has a selection of properties to be viewed on-line. Our okbookit site is in English and you may need to use a language translator to translate to your local language. London is a truly magnificent place to live and work. With many tourist attractions and excellent transport links it is exceptionally easy to find your way around and find things to do and places to go. Tell us about Serviced Apartment for Short / Long Term in and around London Serviced apartments are the ultimate hotel alternative. Providing all the benefits of a hotel room in a quality homely environment. Imagine eating in a restaurant everyday after a day's work and drinking alcohol till late night before the next days work. Sounds good, but I suspect after a few weeks you would want to lounge comfortably in front of the television and just have a home cooked or simple meal and if required work from your comfortable homely apartment. That is exactly what you can have with Serviced Apartments. Generally you get all of the following with all of our apartments. Comfortable quality beds TV / DVD player in rooms Many movies supplied Desk to work Internet access Comfort chair or sofa suite Safe and security lockable doors Rooms with own allocated bathrooms Safe and central location for easy commuting Many properties have parking facility Local Shopping Kitchen Lounge Laundry Facility Hair drier, etc ALL THIS AT HALF THE PRICE OF A HOTEL. Contact us for more information, 7 days a week +44 (0) 7958346381Tell us about.... Company Flats Company flats are a useful base for international businesses trading and working with the United Kingdom. They provide a stable base and a UK address for correspondence. When company employees, friends, family Clients or other VIP visits the UK having a company apartment is a magnificent benefit (and is great for showing off). Knowing that the property is furnished and equipped to your taste and decor will provide the ultimate home from home feeling. We can help in all aspects from renting the property, cleaning, furnishing and creating the homely feel. When you contact us to tell us someone is coming, we can make the beds, change towels a make the property immaculate. We have our own maintenance men and look after all incidental works that need to be done. If you require the "Roles Royce" of quality and service or a cost effective company let, we have a solution to suit. ALL THIS AT LESS THAN THE COST OF A HOTEL OR SERVICED APARTMENT Contact us for more information, 7 days a week +44 (0) 7958346381Tell us about.... Hotels in and around London Hotels have the ultimate in flexibility in booking and duration of stay. As a result of this and the greater business taxes and staff overheads, the price can seem a little high. For this reason we do offer the regular hotel facilities and service. We also offer a commitment-based service and price based on your individual requirements. For example, if you stay for a longer period of time or have large consistent bookings "especially covering weekends" we can negotiate very good rates or put you on our loyalty scheme. WE HAVE MANY HOTELS AND THE LIST IS CONTINUOUSLY GROWING. Contact us for more information, 7 days a week +44 (0) 7958346381Tell us about.... Olympics London 2012 and how I can secure accommodation in advance The United Kingdom has been very fortunate to win the bid for the London Olympics in 2012.This has caused a massive amount of building and structural work to be planned and developed throughout Greater London. Fortunately or possibly unfortunately depending on your situation, it is inevitable that the price of accommodation will increase. For this reason, we have a solution to benefit many companies requiring a place to stay for the approach and time of the Olympics. Contractors, VIPs, Company managers and corporate employees can now arrange their short and long term accommodation with us. Imagine coming to the UK and finding you do not like the food, your working too hard to spend 2 hours in a restaurant every night, you need to have additional employees to help you but the Hotel is FULL, the athletes need to make sure the food is not tampered with and therefore need access to a kitchen. We take on board all accommodation issues on your behalf. By letting us know your requirements, we can not only offer you a VIP service, but also save you money. If you come from any of the participating countries we look forward to hearing your accommodation requirements.